Roles Overview

Role Products Location Description Departments
Agency Commission Manager



Juice > Campaigns

Splash > Campaigns

Allows users to create and modify agency commissions Sales
Amounts Management User Juice Juice > Campaigns pricing amounts Allows users to see and edit proposal and campaign pricing Chartist/Digital Scheduler
Alto Manager Alto Alto Manages user permissions for Alto Chartist/Digital Scheduler
Alto User Alto Alto End client Client
API User Deployment Access to the API Access to the API IT
Asset Management Read User Splash Splash > Assets Similar to Asset Management User but granting merely read-only access Chartist
Asset Management User Splash Splash > Assets Manage the sites and faces.

Sr. Chartist


Bill Poster POST POST > Upload photo

Uses the POST application to demonstrate that installations have been completed.

It may also be used to alert managers that maintenance must be undertaken.

Billing User Finance

BMS > Billing Connector


Splash > Campaigns

Creates corporate invoice schedules Management
Campaign Management User Splash Splash > Scheduling Manage Campaigns and access to Digital Proof of Play reports Chartist / Digital Scheduler
Charting User Splash Splash > Scheduling Create and manage campaigns Chartist / Digital Scheduler
Configuration User Splash Splash > Configurations Configure player-level settings IT
Configurator User BMS BMS > System Administration Connector Configure system-wide deployments Broadsign Ayuda Internal Use Only
Content Management User Splash Splash > Content Upload and manage designs and bundles. Chartist
Copy Management User Splash Splash > Operations Managing print copy for static billboards Operations
CRM User Juice Juice > CRM > Activities Edit contacts and agencies Sales
CRM User view only Accounts Juice Juice > CRM > Activities View account list Sales
Finance Administration User Finance BMS > Finance Administration Connector Set financial settings and reference data Finance
Invoice Generation User Finance BMS > Invoice Generation Connect Generate campaign invoices for transfer to the Finances product Finance
Lease Agreement User Admin Admin > Attributes > Lease Manage leases (more powers than Lease Manager) Finance
Lease Manager User Admin

Admin > Attributes > Lessor

BMS Lease Connector

Manage leases Finance
Lease Payout User Admin BMS > Lease Payout Connector Generates lease payments for transference to Financial package Finance
Loop Access for Account Executive Splash Splash > NOC> Loops Users have full access to loop view features to inspect designs/video for their campaigns Account Exec
Mapping User Zest Zest Creates map-based campaigns and packs Chartist
NOC User Splash Splash > NOC Monitor player performance Chartist / Digital Scheduler
Operations Management User Splash Splash > Operations Managing work orders for static postings and maintenance Operations
Pack Building User Splash Splash > Pack Building Create face packs Sales Management
Payments User BMS BMS > Lease Management Connector Generating lease payments for transference to Financial package Admin
POP Management User BMS BMS > POP Management Connector Allows users to bring campaigns on line and approve photos Chartist, Operations
POP Upload User POP BMS > POP Upload Connector Upload Proof of Performance photos Bill Poster
POP Web Site User POP POP Portal Use POP web portal Customer
POST User POST POST Application Enables POST for this user Bill Poster
Pricing User Splash Splash > Pricing Create and Manage Rate Cards Sales Admin
Production User Splash Splash > Production Static Copy Production Operations
Reporting User All Splash > Admin > Workforce Users must be granted rights to view reports All
Sales Manager Juice Juice > Sales Approve discounts and approve contracts Sales
Sales User Juice Juice > Sales Check avails and create proposals Sales
Scheduling User Splash Splash > Scheduling Creating and managing campaigns Chartist
System Admin BMS BMS > System Admin Connector Manage system settings IT
Work Order Read Only User Splash Splash > Operations Read work orders Operations
User Management User Admin Admin > Workforce Create and manage users and roles Management
Yield Management User BMS BMS > Yield Management User Asset optimization Sales Management