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HTML Package Ad Copy

An HTML Package ad copy allows you to schedule a self-contained HTML file that displays HTML5 content.

Broadsign stores the package's extracted files on the local system. As a result, you do not have to worry about network issues, or latency, during content playback.

For general information about ad copies, see Ad Copies.

Note: As of Broadsign Control v12.1, we support Chromium version 59+.

Note: As of Broadsign Control v11.1, Chromium will not work on WinXP (though it will work on v11.0 and earlier). If you attempt to use Chromium on WinXP (Broadsign Control v11.1+), you will receive the following error message: "[2018-08-01T15:29:51](message) Frame [YourFrameID]. Could not play ad copy id [YourAdCopyID]. Could not find an appropriate codec."

Warning: If you are updating to Broadsign Control v12.0, and use Chromium, you will need to create a new configuration profile for v12.0.