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Content & Network Management

Broadsign Control (v15.8)

Quick Start

Just the basics.

Documentation Archives

Complete docs for earlier Broadsign releases.

Network Setup

Set up your network.


Upload and schedule content.

Network Operations

Monitor your team's performance.

Broadsign Control API

REST and SOAP integrations.

Broadsign Control Player API

Configure dynamic content.

Training Videos

Broadsign's video training library.


Join our training sessions.

Exceed Your Sales Targets

Broadsign offers another helpful product: Broadsign Direct. It has different pricing models. Create pre-set packages based on your network and audience.

Respond to leads while they're hot. Maintain client interest and close more sales by following up on advertising requests within minutes.

With accurate, real-time insight into ad inventory availability, your sales team always knows exactly how much inventory is available, and where.

Discover Broadsign Direct.

Complement your Direct Sales

Broadsign's automated, programmatic solution can help you reach digital media buyers and is the perfect complement to your direct sales efforts.

Discover Broadsign Reach.



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