Using the custom_data Field

The custom_data field allows adding custom POP fields upon playback. As a result, you will have more detailed content about dynamic content in your proof-of-play reports.

Note: Data in the custom_data field can only be in string format.

The following is an example of ConfirmPlayback with custom_data:

curl -X POST \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer cbdbc369a063de6c0f458557f1456602' \
-d '{
"player_identifier": "Lobby",
"screen_identifier" : "1",
"confirmed_items": [
    "custom_data": {
        "ext1": "golf"
        "ext2": "hotel"
        "example": "value"

The ext1 and ext2 values, if both provided, will be written in the Proof-of-Play's service_name and service_stat_id field respectively. Any other key-value pairs will be written in the POP's extra_data field as JSON.

Some custom_data fields are reserved by Broadsign Air and will be ignored if provided.