For Sales Coordinators

As a sales coordinator, you are likely assisting several salespersons at the same time. You can also create, edit, and hold all proposals on your domain.

In this section, we describe how users with Sales Coordinator credentials can sell more inventory using Broadsign Direct.

  • Monitor Booking Levels: You have quotas? Do you want to see if you are reaching your goals every day? Use the dashboard in Broadsign Direct to monitor your booking levels.
  • Inbound RFP Tutorial: Broadsign knows that Requests For Proposals (RFPs) often kick off the need to create a proposal. We walk you through proposal creation: from the arrival of the RFP to the confirmation of the contract.
  • About Points of Interest: Describes how to upload points of interest in both the Digital Inventory and Static Inventory pages.
  • Schedule a Domination (Takeover) Campaign: Your advertisers want to maximize the impact of their campaigns? Schedule a Domination or Campaign takeover to take over a set of screens for a specific point in time.
  • About Inventory Holds: You want to place a hold on specific inventory in the Proposal Builder while you finalize a proposal with a customer? The inventory hold feature ensures that the inventory in question cannot be booked by another sales person for a defined period of time.
  • Assign ownership of a proposal to a user with Sales role. This Sales user will be able to edit the proposal. See Proposal Name and Client Info.