For Sales

As a sales representative, you are on the front lines. You may receive RFPs (Requests for Proposals) or prospect for sales opportunities, but your job is to create proposals and sell inventory.

In this section, we describe how users with Sales credentials can sell more inventory using Broadsign Direct.

  • About Proposals: Proposals are the backbone of Broadsign Direct. We describe the different ways you can create, edit, hold, and publish your own proposals or proposals that have been assigned to you.
  • Proposal Builder: The Proposal Builder is used to create proposals to send to your clients.
  • About Preemptible Proposal Line Items: Describes how Broadsign Direct deals with preemptible proposal line items – line items that are treated as relatively low priority and should be delivered when higher-priority campaigns are not already scheduled to play.
  • Browse Inventory: As a Sales rep, in Broadsign Direct you can browse your screen inventory. That way, you can see what screens to offer your prospects in your proposals.
  • Availability Check Feature: Displays all availability information for the screens and faces in your current proposal for the targeted period and parameters corresponding to the type of buy.
  • Fill Rate Information: Understanding fill rate is critical when booking proposals. The fill rate indicates, in percentage, the used capacity of the screen or face for the ad flight duration you set.
  • Criteria Search Feature: Describes how to use the Criteria filter box of both the Digital Inventory Page and Static Inventory Page.
  • Proposal PDF: Describes how to generate a PDF document of a proposal and what details are required.
  • Types of Buy: Describes the Types of Buy available in the Digital Inventory page of Broadsign Direct and the specifics related to them.