Select Faces Manually

If you click Select Faces Manually, the static inventory modal window opens.

Note: The Select Faces Manually button is displayed only once static inventory is uploaded. For more details, see Set Up Static Inventory.

You can select which faces to include in the proposal.

The selected faces are displayed in list form on the builder, each row representing a proposal item.

Tip: It is possible to auto-generate the name of a proposal item based on it own characteristics, like start and end dates, a defined set of criteria attached to the inventory selected, etc. For example, if the inventory selection includes cars that have the "New York City" and "Roadside" criteria associated with them, and those criteria are selected for the templatization of proposal item names on your domain, the proposal item name will be “New York City Roadside”. For more information on the templatization of proposal item names, and to activate this feature on your domain, contact Broadsign Services.

You can perform the following tasks:

Task Description
Edit Item Edit the existing faces selection by clicking it. The static inventory modal window opens and you can select or deselect faces.
Remove Item Remove a static proposal item. An item with the Held status cannot be deleted.
Clone item Clone a static proposal item.
Amend Item Amend a static proposal item. The static inventory modal window opens and you can perform a number of actions (see Amend Proposal Items).