Register Screen


The register method is used to register a screen so that it is available in the Broadsign Publish interface.

Note: You can also unregister one or more screens by setting the registered parameter to false. The screens will no longer be accessible to anyone using them. In addition, messages will stop playing on them. Messages previously on the unregistered screens will be dissociated from them.

Method PUT
Header Content-Type: application/json

Sample Request

  "registered": true

Sample Response

Status: 200 (OK)

  "id": 8,
  "name": "Player1",
  "display_name":”Player BS”,
  "parent_id": null,
  "type": "screen",
  "is_owner": null,
  "is_shared": false,
  "selected": "",
  "random_order": false,
  "access_type": 2,
  "registered": true

Error Response Status Code

Status: 400 (BAD REQUEST)