Auction Package Support

Auction Package

An Auction Package is a collection of inventory chosen by the buyer, spanning multiple publishers inventory, defined by specific targeting criteria for their campaign.

Broadsign Reach supports package and target inventory programmatically through Broadsign Ads, offering buyers a streamlined and efficient way for buyers to package and target open auction inventory. Our marketplace of always-on and customizable auction packages simplifies DOOH transactions for omnichannel DSPs through the use of a single, packaged deal ID.

Benefits for Buyers

  • Auction Packages allow buyers to package inventory easily, allowing for efficient sharing across multiple buyers spanning Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs).
  • Buyers can target inventory using a wide selection of criteria, enhancing their ability to tailor campaigns to specific audiences.
  • Simplifies trading by curating inventory into customizable auction packages that include targeted audiences, inventory, and contextual locations across multiple media owners.

Campaign and Planning Tools in Broadsign Ads

  • Broadsign Ads offers campaign and planning tools that simplify the process of grouping inventory across many publishers.
  • Auction Packages introduce many buyers to the programmatic DOOH world, enabling them to execute their Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising strategies through Broadsign with ease.
  • When building a campaign plan through Broadsign Ads, a new Auction Package Deal ID is generated for the buyer, which can be utilized by any integrated third-party DSP. This Deal ID streamlines the activation process between DSP and SSP, and eliminates the need for a buyer to use publisher-specific Deal IDs.
  • Auction Packages leverage the full power of Broadsign Ads targeting capabilities to find relevant inventory based on specific criteria, which allows for precise and effective packaging of inventory.

Compatibility with DSPs

Integrated DSPs are already familiar with Broadsign Reach's standard OpenRTB (oRTB) 2.5 protocol compliance for bid requests and responses. No changes are made to the structure of the bid request with the introduction of Auction Packages.

Programmatic Deals

All inventory targeting the Broadsign Ads Public Exchange is automatically included and transactable with participating DSPs. If you currently have a deal targeting the Broadsign Ads Public Exchange, you are already set up! When a DSP buys a package that includes your inventory, it will continue to run through your existing Broadsign Ads Public Exchange deals.

Programmatic Reporting

In programmatic reporting, you can identify transactions originating from Auction Packages based on the DSP Name, which will show "(Participating DSP) via Broadsign Ads."

Example Scenario

If a DSP is building a plan to purchase billboards in the Greater Toronto Area, targeting the 18-34 demographic, they would use the Broadsign Ads planning tool to target the relevant inventory and create a single Auction Package. The resulting Deal ID can be used by the buyer in any participating DSP.