Duplicate a Deal

This section describes how to duplicate a deal.

To duplicate a deal:

  1. Access the Deals section.
  2. Click the icon next to the deal to duplicate in the Deal List.
  3. The Duplicate Deal card is displayed.

  4. Change any of the parameters.
  5. Column Description
    Name Name of the deal. It must be something meaningful. Mandatory.
    Deal ID ID number that is automatically created in the system. Mandatory.
    Start Date Start date of the deal. Mandatory.
    End Date End date of the deal.
    Deal Priority Level Select a value between 1 and 1,000, 1 being the highest. The default value is 10. Mandatory.
    CPM Bid Floors The minimum price of the two auction types. Mandatory.
    Keep Demand Side Targetings from Original Deal?

    Selecting Yes will keep all demand side targeting as-is.

    Selecting No will allow you to select new demand side targetings for the duplicated deal.

    Keep Inventory Targetings from Original Deal?

    Selecting Yes will keep all inventory targetings as-is.

    Selecting No will not set any inventory targetings on the duplicated deal.

  6. Once everything is correct, click Save Deal.