Broadsign offers a wide variety of features and products to help you manage a digital signage network.

Many features come by default with our suite of core products: the Broadsign Administrator, the Broadsign Player and the Broadsign Edge Server.

However, some products require activation by Broadsign Services. Also, they rely on a core product to work in a live environment.

Here are Broadsign’s add-on products and features:

    • Broadsign Creator: Broadsign Creator is a web-based content creation and administration tool. It allows digital signage network operators to manage their operational network needs.
    • Broadsign Mobile: Broadsign Mobile is a technology-agnostic, dynamically-generated mobile experience. It integrates seamlessly into Broadsign’s existing signage campaign workflow and proof-of-performance metrics system.
    • XML POP: The Broadsign Suite can send daily batches of data, from our server, containing proof of play (POP) statistics and content information. We pull the previous day’s data from all players on your network.
    • Broadsign Connect: Please note Broadsign Connect realized end of life in March 2016. Since this time, no new customers may access the product. As a courtesy, grandfathered clients of Broadsign Connect may self-support their efforts.