Broadsign Creator

Broadsign Creator is a web-based content creation and administration tool. It allows digital signage network operators to manage their operational network needs.

As a digital signage network grows in size, it is often accompanied by increasing demand from local store managers or venue owners to directly control some of the content that appears on their screens.

Often, these requests are in the form of:

    • a special promotion
    • a custom menu board
    • a personalized greeting message

Managing all these requests, centrally, can be time-consuming and expensive.


Broadsign Creator alleviates the workload associated with hyper-localized messages on your digital signage network. Creator provides a simple solution that not only augments the value proposition of your network but reduces your management costs while keeping all the advanced controls in the hands of the network operator.

Whereas the Network Operator uses Broadsign Administrator to maintain centralized control of the content of Broadsign Player’s loop, a number of spots in the loop can be assigned to the local operator to manage via the web through Broadsign Creator.

Before using Broadsign Creator, Broadsign needs to enable it. Please speak with your sales representative, or email us.

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Broadsign Creator Documentation Download

Type Document Note Version
icon-pdf local_operator_local_admin_help Broadsign Creator help document for local operators and local administrators. 2.6.3
icon-pdf network_operator_help Broadsign Creator help document for network operators. 2.6.3