Broadsign Mobile

Broadsign Mobile is a technology-agnostic, dynamically-generated mobile experience. It integrates seamlessly into Broadsign’s existing signage campaign workflow and proof-of-performance metrics system.

Broadsign Mobile features include the following:

    • Fully dynamic menu system: Always up-to-date and in sync with what is playing on your screen. You do not need to manage a separate system.
    • Fully integrated workflow: You can seamlessly add mobile capabilities to your DOOH campaigns.
    • Technology-agnostic design: The dynamic menu is available through either a URL or an API, which the user accesses via beacons, NFC, in-app integrations, or any other tech you want.
    • Interaction tracking: On a per-campaign basis, you can track interactions to capture leads and show engagement.
    • Taking the loop with you: After one interaction, the consumer can bookmark the URL and revisit promotions at will without needing to be in front of the screen.

Before you begin, we need to enable the Broadsign Mobile feature. Please speak with your sales representative, or email us.

Learn more

If we have activated Broadsign Mobile for you, and you want technical details about configuring your system for it, see Mobile Configuration.

For details on tracking interactions, see Campaign Performance.

Broadsign Mobile infographic