Broadsign Cinema

Broadsign Cinema provides an automated Pre-Show and Post-Show experience that integrates directly with an existing Cinema POS system.

Broadsign Cinema Pre-Show and Post-Show features include the following:

    • Automated system: Broadsign Cinema is based on existing cinema management software. It requires zero management configuration at the auditorium level.
    • JNIOR integration: We have integrated Broadsign Cinema with the JNIOR cinema automation hardware.
    • Conditional content: Using any conditions that your theatre management system provides, you can schedule Pre-Show/Post-Show content to play with a particular movie, distributor, rating, or language.
    • Automatic time management: With this feature, you can ensure that the Pre-Show always finishes at showtime. Broadsign Cinema gives priority to content that is closer to showtime.

Within Broadsign Cinema documentation, you will find the following pages: