JNIOR Integration

The JNIOR is a device that, when triggered, pushes control commands for multiple devices.

For example, with a JNIOR you can control light settings and the curtains at various stages of a Pre-Show (or Post-Show).


To configure JNIOR as part of Broadsign Cinema, you need to push additional configuration settings to the Player set-up. Once applied, Broadsign initiates the following commands during the Pre-Show playback:

    • When the Pre-Show begins, the Broadsign Player initiates a start_projector macro. This macro, which we initiate thirty seconds prior to the start of the preshow playback, warms up the projector.
    • When the Pre-Show playback begins, the Broadsign Player executes the start_preshow command which can dim the lights slightly, open the curtains, etc.
    • When the Pre-Show completes the playback, the Broadsign Player executes the end_preshow command which can dim the lights more, open the curtains wider, etc.

Every 2 seconds, the Broadsign Player issues the following commands:

    • get fire_alarm_status\r\n
    • get movie_status\r\n

If the fire alarm is active, or the main feature projector is on, the Broadsign Player immediately stops playing the preshow content. A Broadsign Player log snippet of such an event would look like:

"(message) JNIOR: Aborting playback. Commandsent: get movie_status Response: 04/15/15 19:24:46.555 + movie_on"

For more information about Broadsign Cinema Pre-Show, see Pre-Show.
For more information about Broadsign Cinema Post-Show, see Post-Show.


You will need to configure the Broadsign player via your local configuration file. You can then initiate or confirm movie and fire alarm statuses.

To push the additional configuration settings:
  1. Open up your local configuration file, according to your OS.
  2. Enter the following parameters:
      • bsp.monitor_showtime/jnior_ip=[see your JNIOR set-up]
      • bsp.monitor_showtime/jnior_port=9234
      • bsp.monitor_showtime/jnior_warmup_delay=30

For more information about these specific parameters, see JNIOR Configuration Parameters (below).

To confirm the status of fire alarm or movie:
  1. Open a telnet session to JNIOR.
  2. To verify the fire alarm status, run get fire_alarm_status.
  3. To verify the movie status, run get movie_status.
To initiate an active fire alarm or movie status:
  1. Open an internet browser to your JNIOR’s IP address.
  2. To set the main feature projector, in the “Movie On” output, toggle the Movie Status to “active” or “inactive”.
  3. To set the Fire Alarm:
      • Active Fire Alarm: In the “Fire Alarm On” output, right-click the Toggle button. Select Pulse. Enter “2000 ms”, and then click OK.
      • Inactive Fire Alarm: In the “Fire Alarm Clear” output, right-click the Toggle button. Select Pulse. Enter “2000 ms”, and then click OK.

Deciding to include Broadsign Cinema’s Post-Show feature will impact your JNIOR automation.

All the configuration requirements for Configuring JNIOR remain the same; however, the Broadsign player will adjust the actual end-time of the playlist. As a result, the Player overrides the specified show time.

For more information about Post-Show, see Broadsign Cinema Post-Show.


Parameter Description Value for Broadsign Cinema
bsp.monitor_showtime/jnior_ip Defined by your JNIOR setup. Your JNIOR’s IP address.
bsp.monitor_showtime/jnior_port Broadsign sets “9234” as the default value; optional. 9234
bsp.monitor_showtime/jnior_warmup_delay Broadsign sets “30” as the default value; units are in seconds; optional. 30