Intel AIM Setup

Broadsign Core integrates with Intel AVA (Anonymous Video Analytics) technology to provide audience measurements and reactive content.

This page describes the steps required to install and configure the Intel AIM suite to work in conjunction with Broadsign Player. For more information, see Add-ons – Intel AIM.


The Intel AIM Suite is incompatible with Broadsign Player dedication. AIMWatcher cannot run in the higher security context of the dedicated BSP shell. Also, on Vista and Windows 7, AIM requires that User account control (UAC) is turned off. Therefore, in order to deploy a Broadsign Player with Intel AIM, you must configure windows to auto-login to a user with UAC disabled. The Broadsign Player can then be started by placing bspsh.exe in the Startup Folder.

If Intel AVA Data Collection is enabled, then the Broadsign Player MUST be set to synchronize the system time. This requirement ensures that timestamps collected by AIM match the timestamps recorded by BSP when content is played.

The AIM API server must be enabled as shown below:
Configure AIM

The Intel AIM suite requires a lot of CPU resources, therefore it is recommended to use a player with a multi-core CPU and a high clock speed.

If AVA Data collection is required, then the AIM suite and the Broadsign Player must be installed on the same system. This is because the Broadsign Player needs to looks for the unique device code in AIM’s configuration files.

If only AVA Dynamic Conditions are required, then it is possible to run the AIM Suite on a separate system addressable by the player over the local LAN.