Monitoring and Reports

We provide numerous reports in Broadsign Administrator.

With these reports, you can monitor the status and performance of your network, and verify media compatibility and scheduling.

The “Reporting” and “Monitoring” training videos are part of the “Network Operations” playlist:

Monitoring: Describes how to monitor the health and status of your digital signage network, and how to set up email notifications.

Reports: Describes the types of reports available in the Administrator, and how to generate and interpret them.

Save As

All reports generated in the Administrator can be saved in the following formats:

    • HTML
    • CSV (for use in spreadsheets)
    • PDF

To export a report, generate it first, then, click on the “Save As…” button. The default filename is %_Name_ID_timestamp; however, you can edit the name. After naming the file, select a format from the “Save As Type” dropdown menu.


In case you need to find something specific in any of the Administrator’s reports, you can do so by clicking the Find button at the bottom of the Report window. This will cause the Find dialog to be displayed, which will allow you to enter the term that you wish to seek in the Find field, set your search options, and find it by clicking the Next button. The Next button will also allow you to find any other instances of the search term in the report, and you will be able to cycle back through them using the Previous button.


Users can replace the Broadsign logo displayed on reports with a custom image.

Feature Value
File name report_logo.png
File format PNG
File location C:\Program Files (x86)\Broadsign\bsa\etc\bsa\report_support
Size 200 x 75 pixels
Background Transparent / White

We provide the following types of reports:

    • Bandwidth: Lists the amount of network bandwidth consumed by the network or by a single resource within it on a monthly basis.
    • Campaign Calendar: Provides a method of viewing which campaigns are active in a display unit on a daily basis.
    • Campaign Data: Provides details of user-definable data from interactive sign/kiosk applications.
    • Campaign Details: Provides a summary of all campaigns playing across a given date range on selected display units.
    • Campaign Performance: Lists a campaign’s performance in terms of the number of repetitions displayed over the course of its lifetime, as well as its saturation.
    • Campaign Plan: Lists a given Campaign’s plan in terms of its range, the Display Units and Frames to which it is associated, the number of repetitions displayed over the course of its lifetime, as well as its saturation.
    • Change: Provides easy reference to new changes on your network.
    • Domain Quota: Informs the user of the current status of the domain with respect to its quota and the order in which ad copies will be archived should the quota be exceeded.
    • Download: Shows the download activity of one or more Broadsign Players or Broadsign Edge Servers.
    • Incident: Lists events that may cause undesirable behavior, so that network operators can correct them.
    • Inventory: Shows the average booking levels of segments of the network in the interest of identifying under-booked and over-booked loops.
    • Loop Snapshot: Describes the resulting loop that will be generated and used by the Broadsign Players assigned to a display unit, broken down by loop iteration of each frame.
    • Media Compatibility: Analyzes the ad copies included in a campaign, and verifies that they are compatible with all the targeted players.
    • Network Health: Provides a snapshot of the overall health of the network, according to the business rules you have configured in your incident thresholds.
    • Network Status: Lists all the Broadsign Players and their current monitoring status.
    • Scheduling: Helps identify campaigns in the network that are missing required scheduling elements, in order to display any content on the Broadsign Players they have booked over the course of a given date range.
    • Service Panel: A tool for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting of issues involving Broadsign Players and/or Broadsign Edge Servers.