The Change Report

The change report provides easy reference to new changes on your network. Both manual changes, and changes made through Broadsign’s Open API, appear on the report, along with details of their acknowledged state.

To generate the change report, use one of the following methods:

    • Go to the Operations ribbon, and then select the Change icon.

Generate the change report from the Schedules ribbon

    • In the dashboard, consult the Unacknowledged Changes widget. See Dashboard Widgets.

Next, input information into the following pages:

    • Date Range: Specify the start and end times for the report.

The Date Range page

    • Resource/Change Type: Select the information you would like to see in the report.

The Resources/Change Type page

A sample Change report
The change report lists the changes made grouped by resource type.

Details of when the changes were made and when they were first acknowledged are also available in the report.

The ability to acknowledge changes directly from the report is available with the check box on the left. When dealing with large amounts of changes the top check box can be used to automatically acknowledge all changes on a particular resource type.