The Media Compatibility Report

The media compatibility report will analyze the ad copies included in a campaign and verify that they are compatible with all the targeted players.

As Broadsign Core supports a heterogenous network comprised of different displays, player hardware and operating systems, not all player capabilities are the same. It therefore becomes important that the ad copies contained within it are formatted suitably for all the players targeted.

To generate the report, from the resource tabs on the left, select Campaigns. Then right-click anywhere in the list panel. From the contextual menu, select Media Compatibility Report.

Generating the Media Compatibility report from the campaign contextual menu

A sample media compatibility report
The report works as follows. Firstly, all Broadsign Players will report their capabilities to the Broadsign Server. This includes items such as supported codecs, mime types and installed flash versions.

Secondly, when an ad copy is uploaded via the Broadsign Administrator, the following properties will be automatically determined:

    • Images (PNG, JPG, GIF): Resolution (width x height)
    • Flash (SWF): Major version
    • Video Files (AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV): Duration (seconds), Resolution ( Width x Height), Audio Codec and Video codec.

The duration will be configuration for all media types, but will be automatically populated with the correct value for video files. The duration property is user-configurable because certain types of files such as images cannot have their duration automatically determined.

Using the capabilities reported by the player and the characteristics that can be determined from the ad copies, the following verifications are performed:

    • Of all the ad copies in the campaign, which ones will be played by this player? (This implies that ad copy criteria matching is performed first.)
    • For all the ad copies that will be played by this player, are all the mime types supported?
    • For all the ad copies that will be played by this player, are all of the audio and video codecs compatible? Note: Some file formats allow more than one video and audio stream that may be encoded using different codecs. This functionality is rare and is not usable in the context of digital signage, hence, only the first video and audio codec of the file will be checked.
    • For all the ad copies that will be played by this player, does the aspect ratio of the targeted frame match the content? For percentage-based frames, this entails using the display type to calculate the actual size in pixels.
    • For all the Flash ad copies that will be played by this player, is the installed flash version equal to or greater than the required version of the file?

Based on the results of these verifications, a summary will be presented that indicates how compatible the campaign’s ad copies are with each targeted player. The overall score will be indicated (Pass/Fail) and a summary of the failures will be shown.