The Scheduling Report

The scheduling report helps identify campaigns in the network that are missing required scheduling elements in order to display any content on the players they have booked over the course of a given date range.

To generate the scheduling report, go to the Schedules ribbon, and click on the Scheduling icon.

Next, input information into the following pages:

    • Date Range: Specify the start and end time for the report.

    • State Selection: Specify the campaign state or states you want in the report.

The report is split up into two sections:

    • The first section is the Campaign Scheduling Details section. It lists all campaigns that are in effect in the queried date range along with the customer that owns the campaign, the campaign’s duration, the campaign’s schedule coverage percentage within the queried date range, and the number of bundles scheduled within the queried date range.

      The schedule coverage percentage value for a campaign shown in the report concerns the date range queried in that report only. For instance, if a campaign runs for a full year but has no schedules yet created covering the months of October, November, or December, the percentage shown in the Schedules tab of the Campaign Properties dialog will be 75%. However, a Scheduling Report for the month of January would show a percentage of 100% because the campaign is fully covered over that month.

    • The second section is the Campaign Content Details section. It lists all bundles that are scheduled within the queried date range along with the customer that owns the bundle, the bundle’s assigned category, the bundle’s assigned loop segment category, the bundle’s weight value, and the number of ad copies assigned to the bundle.