Broadsign Creator Content

Broadsign Creator ad copies enable you to display Broadsign Creator messages on your players.

For more information about this feature, see Broadsign Creator.

For general information about ad copies, see Ad Copies.

To add a Broadsign Creator ad copy, use one of the following methods:

    • Go to the Schedules ribbon and select the arrow on the “Ad Copy” icon. Then, from the drop-down menu, select Creator.

Add a Creator ad copy from the Schedules ribbon

    • From the resource tabs on the left, select “Ad Copies”. Then, right-click anywhere in the work area. From the contextual menu, select New, then select Creator Ad Copy.

Add a Creator ad copy from the contextual menu

By default, the Add Creator Ad Copy Wizard contains the following pages:

    • Welcome: Name the Broadsign Creator ad copy.

To edit a Broadsign Creator ad copy, use the same method used for standard ad copies. See Edit Ad Copy Properties.

After you have uploaded Broadsign Creator ad copies to your network, you can then move on to other basic steps: