Campaigns are the core mechanism with which Broadsign targets and schedules content to your display units.

Rather than define playlists manually, each Broadsign Player dynamically builds its own based on the campaigns targeted to it.

The “Campaigns” training video is part of the “Content and Scheduling” playlist:

Campaigns: Outlines how to book campaigns, and edit their properties.

If you select “Campaigns” from the resource tabs on the left, then right-click anywhere in the work area, you will see this menu:

For general information about adding, editing and deactivating resources, see Resources – Overview.

To edit a campaign folder, from the contextual menu, select Edit Folder.


    • Resource ID: The ID number of the resource.
    • Name: The name of the resource. You can edit the name.
    • Active: Deselect Active to deactivate the resource.

Specify the contact information for your campaign folder. The settings you configure (see below), will decide the notifications that this contact will receive.


Specify the types of notifications sent, and configure their thresholds.

Campaign not ready notification

When you create a campaign, you can opt to receive an email notification if any of the following is missing:

    • Active schedule
    • Active bundle
    • Active ad copy

    • Start: Defines when the alerting begins, in advance of the campaign start date. The maximum is 10 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes.
    • Remind every: Defines the reminder period in hours/minutes. The value must be greater than 20 minutes.

The Broadsign Administrator will evaluate promoted campaigns that are set to start within 12 days.

Subject Campaign “name_of_campaign” is not ready
Body Problem: No Media in CampaignCampaign Id: 8805830
Campaign Name: name_of_campaign
Campaign Starts On: 12/30/08 at 09:00 AM
Campaign Ends On: 12/30/08 at 09:00 AM
Timezone: Eastern (-400 GMT)
Created by User: chrisc

Schedule overlap prevention

When enabled, this notification sends a pop-up message to users adding or editing a schedule in a campaign within this folder. This message only appears if the schedule overlaps with another schedule in the same campaign.

    • Enable: When selected, enables the notification.

Ad copy doesn’t match slot length

Checks the duration of an ad copy against the slot as specified in its corresponding campaign. The pop-up alert provides details about the discrepancy, and prompts the user if they want to proceed.

    • Enable: When selected, enables the notification.
    • Tolerance (over): Specify, in seconds, the tolerance of an ad copy that exceeds the slot length.
    • Tolerance (under): Specify, in seconds, the tolerance of an ad copy that is shorter than the slot length.

In the list panel of explorer view, each resource has a column selector menu. With this menu, you can configure the list panel to display information you want.

To access a resource’s column selector menu:

  1. From the view bar, select Explorer view.
  2. In the list panel, hover your pointer over the panel header.
  3. Right-click, and the column selector menu will appear.
  4. Select as many column options as you want.

The following pages will help you set up, book, edit, and maintain your campaigns:

  • Options: You can configure the Add Campaign Wizard, which takes the user through the booking process.
  • Booking: We show you how to book a campaign through the Add Campaign Wizard, page-by-page (assuming that you selected all of the wizard options during set-up).
  • Editing: Once you have created a campaign, you can access its properties to edit some of its settings.
  • Overbooking: Overbooking allows network operators to prevent campaigns from targeting display units that have already had their available time booked.
  • Batches: The Add Campaign Batch Wizard allows network operators to schedule multiple similar campaigns in one process.
  • Bundles: Bundles are groups of ad copies that are scheduled as a whole in the Broadsign Administrator.
  • Schedules: Schedules are the resources that tell campaigns which content to display and during which block of time to display it.
  • Interactive Campaigns: It is possible to specify an interactivity trigger on a Campaign so that if the screen is touched when it is playing, it will trigger supplementary content such as a catalog or web page.

After you have booked a campaign to your network, you can then move on to other basic steps: