Schedules are the resources that tell campaigns which content to display and during which block of time to display it. A campaign can contain multiple schedules which it will play through one by one every time their turn comes in the playlist.

The Schedules tab in list view

    • Single Editing: Editing Schedules one by one can be achieved either directly from the Schedules tab by simply clicking on the  field to edit or by using the Edit button to open the Schedule editor.
    • Batch Editing: It is possible to select multiple Schedules (using the CTRL key) and click the Edit button to open the batch editing wizard. Two options are possible:
        • Copy the properties from another schedule: Allows the selection of a source Schedule to be used as a template and the properties to copy from.
        • Set new properties on all selected schedules: Allows the selection of the properties to edit and based on the selection a series of wizard pages will be presented, one for each selected property.

The Welcome page of the Multi-Edit Schedule Wizard

The Property Selector page of the Multi-Edit Schedule Wizard

Default Schedules

New Campaigns will automatically have a default Schedule assigned to it that covers it entire time range specified in the Reservation Wizard. If multiple Schedules are required within a Campaign they can be added in the Campaign properties below.

The schedules themselves contain Ad Copies, which they iterate through and tell the Broadsign Player to display when their turn comes. For more information on how Schedules are used to build the playlist, please refer to the appendix on Playlist Generation.

Schedule Date and Time Range

The start and end dates as well as the time of day where a schedule would be in effect are listed, and can be modified in the Range tab of the Schedule properties dialog. By default when creating a schedule, the dates are set to cover the full Campaign Duration, and the time is set to run for the whole day. They can be modified in order for the same Campaign to show different content depending on the time of day or year.

Keep in mind that a schedule’s Time Range cannot begin prior to 12:00:00 AM or end after 11:59:59 PM. In other words, a Time Range cannot wrap around midnight. E.g., it is not possible for a schedule to begin at 10:00:00 PM and end at 03:00:00 AM; two schedules would be necessary to accomplish that, one that stretched from 10:00:00 PM to 11:59:59 PM, and another that covered 12:00:00 AM to 03:00:00 AM.

Day of Week Mask

A schedule can be set to be active only on certain days of the week in the Days tab of the Schedule properties dialog, in order for a Campaign to display different content depending on the day of the week.

Assigned Bundles

The Bundles tab in the Schedule properties dialog shows the Bundles that the current schedule is assigned to display when it is in effect. It is also where additional Bundles can be added or removed. If the schedule contains more than one Bundle, it will display each one of them evenly.

Schedule Weight

A schedule’s weight is a numeric value that makes it possible to set a precedence among overlapping schedules. When multiple schedules are in effect at a given time block, the schedule with the lowest weight value would have the highest precedence and thus be displayed first, followed by the schedule with the second lowest weight value, and so on. This makes it possible to specify an order to display scheduled content. A schedule’s weight can be modified in the Weight tab of the Schedule properties dialog.

Cloning Schedules

The Clone button allows to easily duplicate once or multiple any Schedule. Please note that a cloned Schedule will be an exact copy of the original and that includes any associated bundles.

The Clone Schedule Wizard

Calendar View

The Calendar View allows you to see all active schedules within a campaign in either List, Day, Week or Month format which can be selected from the View drop down . Each schedule will be automatically assigned a color code. From Calendar view it is possible to rearrange the schedules start and end dates by dragging and dropping the start or end of the bar. It is also possible to drag and drop the whole schedule to move the start and end date at the same time.

If days are excluded form the schedule using the week day mask, this will be shown on the schedule bar as a crosshatched color.

The Calendar tab of Campaign Properties