On this page, we show you how to create and edit a configuration.

You can control some of a player or edge server’s settings through Broadsign Administrator. For example, by assigning a configuration to the player or edge server, you can adjust poll frequency or cache size.

A configuration contains one or more configuration profiles, which is a collection of settings pertaining to a particular range of Broadsign Core product versions.

To create and edit a configuration profile, see Configuration Profiles – Players or Configuration Profiles – Edge Servers.

If you select “Configurations” from the resource tabs on the left, then right-click anywhere in the work area, you will see this menu:

The configurations contextual menu

    • Add Configuration: Opens the Add Configuration Wizard.
    • Edit Configuration: Opens the Configuration Properties dialogue box.
    • Deactivate Configurations: Deactivates any selected configurations.
    • Clone Configuration: Clones the selected configuration.
    • Add Configuration Folder: Opens the “Add a folder” dialogue box.
    • Edit Folder: Opens the Configuration Folder Properties dialog box.
    • Deactivate All: Deactivates all folders that are nested within the selected folder.

For general information about adding, editing and deactivating resources, see Resources – Overview.

To add a configuration, use one of the following methods:

    • Go to the Operations ribbon, and then select the “Configuration” icon.

The Configuration icon in the Operations ribbon

    • From the resource tabs on the left, select “Configurations”. Then, right-click anywhere in the work area. From the contextual menu, select Add Configuration.

By default, the Add Configuration Wizard contains the following pages:

    • Welcome: Name the configuration.
    • Configuration Type: Select whether this is a player or edge server configuration.

The Configuration Type page

To edit a configuration, use one of the following methods:

    • From the list panel, select a configuration. Then, from the view bar, select Edit.

Select Edit from the view bar

    • From the list panel, double-click on a configuration.

Edit configuration properties

    • General: Find the resource ID and configuration type, edit the name and deactivate the configuration, if you want.
    • Configuration Profiles: Add, edit, remove or clone configuration profiles. For more details, see Configuration Profiles – Players or Configuration Profiles – Edge Servers.
    • Resources: Find a list of players using the configuration.
    • Device Controls: Allows you to define certain device control operations relative to the associated display unit’s opening hours. Using this form of device controls allows you define operations that occur frequently, without having to change the scheduling when a site’s opening hours change.

In the list panel of explorer view, each resource has a column selector menu. With this menu, you can configure the list panel to display information you want.

To access a resource’s column selector menu:

  1. From the view bar, select Explorer view.
  2. In the list panel, hover your pointer over the panel header.
  3. Right-click, and the column selector menu will appear.
  4. Select as many column options as you want.

After you have created a configuration in your network, you can then move on to other basic steps: