Customers are organizations that wish to display an advertisement in your network.

They represent a source of content you can book and schedule to Broadsign Players. For easier management, the customer resource can collect the ad copies and campaigns of a client in one location.

With the customer resource, you can also:

  • set a locale for language and country
  • set tax rates for certain reports
  • set default categories for campaigns

The “Customers” training video is part of the “Content and Scheduling” playlist:

Customers: Outlines how to create a customer resource, and book campaigns from within it.

If you select “Customers” from the resource tabs on the left, then right-click anywhere in the work area, you will see this menu:

Customers contextual menu

For general information about adding, editing and deactivating resources, see Resources – Overview.

To add a customer, use one of the following methods:

    • Go to the Schedules ribbon, and then select the “Customer” icon.

The Customer icon in the Schedules ribbon

    • From the resource tabs on the left, select “Customers”. Then, right-click anywhere in the work area. From the contextual menu, select Add Customer.

By default, the Add Customer Wizard contains the following pages:

    • Welcome: Name the configuration.
    • Locale Selection: Select the language and country for your customer.

The Locale Selection page

To edit a customer, use one of the following methods:

    • From the list panel, select a customer. Then, from the view bar, select Edit.

Select Edit from the view bar

    • From the list panel, double-click on a customer.
The General Section

The General section in customer properties

    • General: Find the resource ID, edit the customer name, and deactivate the resource, if you want.
    • Locale: Edit the language and country (used to configure currency).
    • Taxes: Apply any regional taxes.
    • Defaults: Here you can specify default separation categories and full screen properties for this customer. If set, all campaigns created beneath this customer will inherit these properties. This avoids having to set these properties repeatedly on each bundle in each campaign the customer has. Note that these properties only apply to newly created campaigns; changing these properties will not affect existing campaigns.

The Defaults tab in the general section of customer properties

The Footers Section

The Footers section of customer properties

    • Insertion Report Footer: Specify the default insertion report footer for orders.
    • Affidavit Report Footer: Specify the default affidavit report footer for orders.

The customer resource is the repository for a client’s ad copies, campaigns and orders. Each of these resources is subordinate to the customer.

Customer resources

Customer folder properties are identical to campaign folder properties. See Campaigns – Folder Properties, Contacts and Notifications.

In the list panel of explorer view, each resource has a column selector menu. With this menu, you can configure the list panel to display information you want.

To access a resource’s column selector menu:

  1. From the view bar, select Explorer view.
  2. In the list panel, hover your pointer over the panel header.
  3. Right-click, and the column selector menu will appear.
  4. Select as many column options as you want.

After you have created a customer in your network, you can then move on to other basic steps:

    • Contacts: A contact represents any person involved with, or interested in, the network. See Contacts.
    • Orders: A customer’s orders are used to keep track of media buys on the digital signage network. See Orders.