User Groups

User groups have two purposes: assigning resource privileges and providing folder access. You can arrange users into groups for simpler user management.

The “Users and User Groups” training video is part of the “Network Operations” playlist:

Users and User Groups: Describes how to create users; how to create and organize user groups; and how to assign privileges.

If you select “User Groups” from the resource tabs on the left, then right-click anywhere in the work area, you will see this menu:
The user groups contextual menu

    • Add User Group: Opens the Add User Group Wizard.
    • Edit Group: Opens the User Group Properties dialogue box.
    • Deactivate User Groups: Deactivates any selected user groups.
    • Add User Group Folder: Opens the “Add a folder” dialogue box.
    • Edit Folder: Opens the User Group Folder Properties dialog box.

For general information about adding, editing and deactivating resources, see Resources – Overview.

To add a user group, use one of the following methods:

    • Go to the Operations ribbon, and at the lower-right of the User icon, click on the arrow. From the drop-down menu, select User Groups.

Add a user group from the Operations ribbon

    • From the resource tabs on the left, select “User Groups”. Then, right-click anywhere in the work area. From the contextual menu, select Add User Group.

By default, the Add User Group Wizard contains the following pages:

    • Welcome: Name the user group.

To edit a user group, use one of the following methods:

    • From the list panel, select a user group. Then, from the view bar, select Edit.

Select Edit from the view bar

    • From the list panel, double-click on a user group.

A user group is defined by the set of privileges granted to it. In the Privileges tab of the User Group properties dialog, privileges can be added or removed from a user group.

Any changes made to a user group that is already assigned to users will be applied to those users on their next login.

Privileges are resources in the Broadsign network that govern access to perform specific network tasks. They are assigned to users and user groups to define their roles and capabilities, without granting them access to other functionality that they do not require to do their work, in order to preserve maximum network security.

Privileges can be assigned to both user and user groups. To assign a privilege to one of these resources, double-click the resource to open its editor and navigate to the “Privileges” tab. The privileges for this resource can be modified with the “Add”, “Edit” and “Remove” buttons.

A description of each privilege is shown in the Privilege List box once the privilege has been assigned.

The Privileges tab of user group properties

In the list panel of explorer view, each resource has a column selector menu. With this menu, you can configure the list panel to display information you want.

To access a resource’s column selector menu:

  1. From the view bar, select Explorer view.
  2. In the list panel, hover your pointer over the panel header.
  3. Right-click, and the column selector menu will appear.
  4. Select as many column options as you want.