Broadsign Player Interface

Through its interface, Broadsign Player provides you with a number of options and actions.

The Action menu contains the following options:

    • Full Screen: Expands the software panel to fill the monitor screen.
    • Exit: Closes the player application.

The Operations menu contains the following options:

    • Push Requests Now: A player polls every forty minutes by default (for more details, see The Settings Section – The Network Tab). You can enfore a player-poll, for testing purposes, by selecting Push Requests Now. The player will download and start your changes.
    • Clear Requests: Cancels recent requests, e.g., push requests and sync URL requests.
    • Sync Urls Now: Synchronizes local copies of files (on the player) with their remote sources over HTTP or FTP. For more information, see The Monitor Sync Section.
    • Options:
        • MAC Filter: When you select a MAC address from this list, the player excludes it from the list of MACs sent to Broadsign Server. This list links a MAC to a player. You may want to use this feature if your player has a non-unique MAC address. For example, many 3G dongles or VPNs use the same MAC address.

    • About: Lists standard information about the player, and any open source software used in its development.