Getting Started

In this section, we provide a number of tutorials to guide you through using Broadsign’s core products. After completing these steps, you will have set up a robust digital signage network.

First, ensure that you have downloaded and installed Broadsign Administrator and Broadsign Player:

Next, take a tour of the Broadsign Administrator workspace:

We provide the following tutorials to help you set up your digital signage network.

    • Quick Start: Provides a basic introduction to the Broadsign suite. Shows you how to get a single piece of content onto your screen.
    • Network Setup: Covers the initial network setup in greater detail, e.g., configuring the operational hours and frame layouts of your screens.
    • Content & Scheduling: Covers the day-to-day scheduling of content. Also, describes how to target all or some of your network.
    • Network Operations: Covers monitoring and reporting features.

For more advanced content, see Advanced Tutorials.