v11.1 Documentation

Features and Enhancements Highlights

  • Geotargeting
    Take advantage of location and relevancy by automatically playing ads on a taxi screen or bus display as it passes points of interest. Catch your audience’s attention and make brands top of mind with advertising generated at the perfect moment.

    Our geotargeting feature enables users to target moving screens to a geographical area. When screens move into the targeted area, geo-conditional content is triggered.
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  • Recording Requests to File
    Record all requests made to Broadsign Server from Broadsign Administrator to debug your applications and refine how you use our API methods.
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  • Updated Service Panel and Field Report
    The field report now includes the bit-version of the operating system on which a player or an edge server runs, the Chromium version # (if applicable) and OpenGL version # (if applicable).
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  • Get More Out of Your Hardware
    Get the most out of your hardware with the updated Broadsign Player. By using either multi-core decoding or enhanced GPU acceleration, you can economically extend the useful life of your existing deployments or lower the cost of future hardware purchases.
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  • Ad Copy Commands
    Using Broadsign Player’s trigger commands – or any binary – you can set up ad copies to trigger other actions. For example, set the lights to dim when an ad copy begins and play a music track a few moments before the ad copy ends.
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  • Android Support
    Developers integrating with our Player API can use its commands in the Android operating system (in addition to Windows and Ubuntu Linux).
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Introductory Video Tutorials


Introduction and Installation

Covered in this video: using Broadsign’s training video playlists, about Broadsign Core (main parts), installing Broadsign Administrator and installing Broadsign Player.


Quick Start Tutorial

Covered in this video: uploading an ad copy, adding a display unit, booking a campaign and registering a player.


Loop Policies

Covered in this video: an overview of loop policies, adding a folder, adding a loop policy and editing loop policy properties.