v12.0 Documentation

Features and Enhancements Highlights

  • BroadSign Serv SSP
    We are committed to bringing clients new programmatic revenue streams. Full native support for BroadSign Serv SSP is now available, including priority campaigns and programmatic events.
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  • The New Availability Report
    Based on client feedback, we reorganized the Availability Report.

    If issues like overbooking or missing content arise, you can see them right away. Expanding and collapsing of information in the report eases the analysis of much larger networks. You can more easily focus on areas that require attention.
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  • Bulk Criteria Import
    Schedulers using criteria in BroadSign Administrator for fine-grained targeting can now bulk import their criteria.
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  • Real-Time POP API
    BroadSign Core can export proof-of-play (POP) data to an external location for input into third-party analytics platforms. You can customize analytics and reporting systems with up-to-the-minute proof-of-play information.

    You control the frequency at which you receive the proof-of-play logs. Caching of information protects against network outages. BroadSign will upload the data as soon as the network connection resumes, protecting your statistics’ integrity.
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  • Map-Based Campaign Booking
    Users of BroadSign Administrator can geofence display units in map view, to more easily book campaigns based on geography.
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  • Bulk Import Display Unit Addresses
    In BroadSign Administrator, clients of either BroadSign Serv Direct or BroadSign Serv SSP can bulk import the geolocation data of their display units.
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Introductory Video Tutorials


Introduction and Installation

Covered in this video: using BroadSign’s training video playlists, about BroadSign Core (main parts), installing BroadSign Administrator and installing BroadSign Player.


Quick Start Tutorial

Covered in this video: uploading an ad copy, adding a display unit, booking a campaign and registering a player.


Loop Policies

Covered in this video: an overview of loop policies, adding a folder, adding a loop policy and editing loop policy properties.