Static Versus Digital Avails

Digital faces have spots and loops containing those spots. Avails searches show the number of spots available in that site’s loop. If there are 10 spots in the loop, and three are booked, seven will be available. This differs from static faces that have only one ad per face.

Drilling into the results will help you understand why some faces are partially available. There are several ways to drill into the results:

  1. Click the Timeline button at the top.
  2. Clicking a timeline item opens a new tab about the campaign showing the availability of spots in a graphical view.
  3. Scroll right to see the Available Dates column. Each inventory item has a bullet with a right carat . Clicking it shows details about its availability, including what campaigns are making use of it, and when it is available.
  4. Click the Export to Excel button.
  5. The selected data will download as a Microsoft Excel document. It will be in the browser's download's directory.


When searching for pack avails remember that not all your faces may included in packs.

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