Broadsign Direct

Broadsign Direct

For digital out-of-home media owners/operators with direct advertising sales teams who want to grow their business, Broadsign Direct is an OOH advertising sales management solution that enables sales teams to quickly respond to client requests, identify and reserve the best available inventory matching their client’s needs, and prepare professional quotes - all while automatically optimizing bookings and revenue.

Unlike spreadsheets and other sales management solutions, Broadsign Direct is fully integrated with Broadsign Control for real-time inventory availability, providing improved sales operations efficiency and customer service.

With Broadsign Direct, you can:

  • Use many different kinds of OOH buys - such as takeovers, frequency, share of voice, CPM and more - to help you meet your advertiser’s campaign objectives.
  • Cut down on emails and quickly create client-ready proposals that highlight key out-of-home campaign details such as audience demographics, screens, flight duration, budget and more.
  • Avoid double-booking. With real-time access to inventory availability, you can quickly identify the best available screens or faces to meet your buyer’s campaign criteria and close deals.
  • Use our next-generation rebalancing engine to automatically optimize your network’s yield with content redistribution so smart that it could never be done by hand.

Also, you can use Broadsign Control to search audit logs for user activity that is captured from Broadsign Direct.

To request a demo, go to Broadsign Direct on our marketing website.

To see the product-specific documentation, go to the Broadsign Direct documentation.