Proposal Description and Picture Uploader

At the bottom of the builder, you can add a proposal description and upload a picture. Whatever you add here will appear in the final proposal PDF. See Proposal PDF.

You can upload a photo that will appear in your proposal PDF and represent your offer (sometimes called a "hero shot"). We recommend using a photo from your sales collateral.

Note: You can generate a PDF without uploading an image in the Proposal Builder. Broadsign Direct will use the image associated with the first screen in the proposal's screen list.

Note: For best results, we suggest using a picture that is 600 pixels × 400 pixels. Although the maximum height is 400 pixels and the maximum width is 1500 pixels, we maintain aspect ratio, so we will try to make the image fit within 1500 pixels × 400 pixels. If you use a smaller resolution, image quality will deteriorate.