What is Splash?

Splash is an enterprise resource planner purpose-built for advertising operations.

It is used primarily to manage out-of-home (OOH) static and digital advertising campaigns. This includes ensuring availability of sites and the advertising locations at those sites, change requests, running totals of invoices, uploading and scheduling digital ads, preparing work order information for the operations team, and balancing changes in availability between different clients.

Campaigns often start in Juice as proposals created by sales users. Once these are accepted by your clients and approved by your sales managers, chartists convert these into campaigns. Only once this happens can faces be booked and content for those faces scheduled.

What’s a Chartist? What’s a Scheduler?

There can be overlap in these terms. Chartist is the term for the person tasked with managing ads going up on billboards. The job has this title because in the days before computers these people would spend all day working with – you guessed it – charts. Scheduler is increasingly used for digital only. In some firms these are one position. In other companies these are separate departments.

This can be confusing to industry newcomers.

We will refer to chartist as the generic term for the static campaign scheduler and digital scheduler for the creators of digital campaigns.

How Splash Relates to Juice

Juice is a streamlined version of Splash for your sales team. It includes only those features concerned with creating proposals for out-of-home advertising campaigns. The proposals they sell can then change state to contracted. Their work becomes the foundation for the executed campaign.

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