Broadsign Ayuda Users and Products

Sales users use Juice to create proposals by checking for availability, and then send those proposals in PDFs to their customers. Sales managers approve the contracts and any special discounts that may be offered.

The Chartist / Digital Scheduler builds the campaign in Juice by converting the data entered by the Sales users when authoring the proposal. They ensure that the campaign reflects current availability, and creates the data records needed to organize the campaign. This includes preparing the work orders for the operations teams and uploading the designs into bundles.

The Operations Manager reviews the work orders in Splash and manages the work crews to ensure that the copy is posted correctly.

Bill Posters report to the operations manager. They use their own mobile app called POST to upload their photographs to the system to prove campaign performance.

Digital players have their own separate proof of play records.

Accounting users use the Broadsign Ayuda finance tool in BMS to generate invoices, manage billing rules, and reconcile credits and schedules. Broadsign Ayuda does not manage invoices itself, rather it uploads the data to the client’s financial package.

The client can review performance by means of POP tool. POP allows them to ensure that the campaign was delivered by installing static designs.

Words to Learn

POP can mean either Proof of Performance or Proof of Play.

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