What is Juice?

Juice is used primarily to manage static and digital advertising campaigns. This includes ensuring availability of sites and the advertising locations at those sites, change requests, running totals of invoices, uploading and scheduling digital ads, preparing work order information for the operations team, and balancing changes in availability between different clients.

Campaigns often start in Juice as proposals created by sales users. Typically, once these are accepted by your clients and approved by your sales managers, chartists convert these into contracted campaigns using Splash. However, faces can be booked in Juice in exactly the same way that faces get booked in Splash.


There can be a lot of overlap in these next terms: Chartist is the older term for the person tasked with managing ads going up on billboards. Scheduler is increasingly used for digital only. In some firms these are one job. In others these are separate departments.

Rate Cards – National versus Local

Rate cards are the pricing templates for your inventory. Broadly there are two rate cards. National and local. Digital media may use rate cards calculated by the hour. Each item of inventory has a price based upon its value to advertisers, but as the campaign is built and modified discounts of various kinds alter the effective prices.

Introducing CRM

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portion of the Broadsign Ayuda Systems, located in Juice, allows you to add and edit information such as contacts and accounts.

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