The Broadsign Ayuda Product Suite

The Broadsign Ayuda product consists of several applications in its Product Suite.

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Sales users use Juice to create proposals by checking for availability, and then send those proposals in PDFs to their customers. Think of it as subset of Splash that has been made efficient for this role. Sales managers approve the contracts, and any special discounts that may be offered.


Splash is an enterprise resource planner purpose-built for advertising.

It is used primarily to manage out of home (OOH) static and digital advertising campaigns. This includes ensuring availability of sites and the advertising locations at those sites, change requests, running totals of invoices, uploading and scheduling digital ads, preparing work order information for the operations team, and balancing changes in availability between different clients.

Typically, chartists and digital schedulers use Splash.

Other Broadsign Ayuda Applications

There are other applications in the Broadsign Ayuda product family:

  • POST is used by the crews installing the static campaigns to document that the work was accomplished by posting photographs.
  • Alto allows customers to take direct control of digital signs.
  • POP is used by advertisers to ensure that static signs were posted and digital ads were played.
  • Finance is used to generate invoices, manage billing rules, and reconcile credits and schedules.

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