Filler Content

Filler content can be used to fill up unbooked space in the loop.

There are multiple scenarios that may lead to the player not having appropriate content to play at a certain time. Some of these include:

  • When a playlist first includes new content, it may take some time for the content to be downloaded.
  • If the player goes offline for a significant amount of time, it may run out of scheduled playlist items to play.
  • If the content is not available because it cannot be downloaded due to a misconfiguration.
  • If the content cannot be played on the particular device due to a misconfiguration.

The filler section of the generate endpoint (Parameters - Filler) provides any extra information required to correctly play filler content, such as the duration it is meant to play for.

Filler content is not associated with PoP tokens. Filler content is fallback content that is usually not monetized and therefore does not need to be tracked.

Note: Broadsign Air filler is retrieved from the loop policy of the active frames.