The confirm_playback endpoint is used as a Proof-of-Play (POP).

The output of the confirm_playback request is returned in the Broadsign POP Log, Real-Time POP API and Campaign Performance Report of Broadsign Control.

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HTTP Method


Request Body Parameters

Parameter Description Type Required (R) or Optional (O)
player_identifier Unique Broadsign Control Player identifier, expected to represent a unique venue. string R
screen_identifier Identifier for one screen within a venue. See Reporting Players POPs with Broadsign Air for more details. string O
confirmed_items See api.proto for definition. Array of ConfirmedItem R
ConfirmedItem.playlist_item_token The PlaylistItem token that played. bytes R
ConfirmedItem.custom_data Pass-back of custom POP data (e.g for dynamic content ). Map<string, string> O


The following is an example of ConfirmPlayback:

curl -X POST \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer cbdbc369a063de6c0f458557f1456602' \
-d '{
"player_identifier": "Lobby",
"screen_identifier" : "1",
"confirmed_items": [
    "custom_data": { "ext1":"", "ext2": "" }