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The loop_policy_mgr_add method adds a Loop Policies.


Parameter Description Type Required (R) or Optional (O)
default_slot_duration The default slot duration of the Loop Policy. unsignedInt R
domain_id The unique ID# of your domain. bstypes:ResourceId R
loop_share_configuration The Loop Policy’s loop share configuration. string R
loop_transform_strategy The Loop Policy’s loop transformation strategy order. string R
name The Loop Policy’s name. string R
synchronization_type The Loop Policy’s synchronization type. bstypes:SynchronizationType R
container_id The unique ID# of Loop Policy folder that the Loop Policy resides in. bstypes:ResourceId O
max_duration_msec The Loop Policy’s maximum duration in milliseconds. unsignedInt O
primary_inventory_share_msec The Loop Policy’s primary inventory share duration in milliseconds. unsignedInt O
synchronization_set The Loop Policy’s synchronization set tag. string O

Return Values

Value Description Type Required (R) or Optional (O)
id The unique ID# of the Loop Policy added. bstypes:ResourceId R