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The monitor_sync_url_mgr_list_by_configuration method gets all Monitor Sync configurations for a Configuration Profile.


Parameter Description Type Required (R) or Optional (O)
config_profile_root_folder Corresponds to the root folder from which the configurations are scanned. Defaults to the root of the domain. bstypes:ResourceId O
domain_id The unique ID# of your domain. bstypes:ResourceId R
nms Controls the age of the listed resource. Uses the ISO 8601 combined time and date formatting. The earliest supported value is Unix Time, or **1970-01-01T00:00:00**." string O

Return Values

Value Description Type Required (R) or Optional (O)
resource_id Unique ID# of the monitor_sync configuration. bstypes:ResourceId R
urls URL synchronized by monitor_sync. string R
player_ids Unique ID# of the players with this configuration. string R