Create an Asset Collection File

This page describes how to create an asset collection zip file.

An asset collection is a zip file that contains multiple images. Your users can use this collection to create and schedule a single message with multiple images to announce, for instance, a Summer's collection or a Christmas collection.

To create an asset collection file:

  1. Collect all the images that you want to appear in the message and place them in a single folder.
  2. Supported formats are: 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', and 'png'.

  3. Select all images in the folder and create a zip file with them.
  4. This step will differ depending on the system that you are using and the software installed to compress or zip.

  5. Upload the resulting zip file in the library, as described in Upload Content.
  6. Share the zip file with your users or user groups, as described in Add Content Sharing.
  7. Your users will now be able to use this asset collection file when creating their messages.