Introducing Segments

The Segments Screen is where chartists and digital schedulers will spend the bulk of their time when creating campaigns. This is where they will create and edit bookings and schedules for those bookings.

Static and Digital segments broadly work the same way. The difference is that static is simpler because once the design is assigned, and copy produced, all that results is a work order. Digital campaigns have more variables.

Chartists and digital schedulers use segments to covert line items in the contract into actual booked faces.

Can Campaigns Contain More Than One Segment?

Yes. Campaigns may be thought of as collections of segments.

Can Segments Have Different Dates?

Yes. In fact, this is common as advertising inventory may have different availability dates and changes from customers result in alterations to schedules.

Tip: Commonly used filter searches can be saved for reuse. Click the gear icon in the filter search to save and load filters.

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