Special Use Bundles

You may encounter interrupt bundles and unsynchronization bundles.

  • An interrupt bundle can be used for interactive way-finding. For example, this content may show a map when a mall patron touches the screen. Or it can be used to direct players to content in case there is a need to suspend a player's normal operation.
  • Unsynchronized bundles help when when syncing multiple players, if an issue occurs and the Follower player cannot play the file that the Leader player is ordering it to play, it will instead play a design from the unsynchronized bundle.

When the loop's normal operations resume, the loop begins playing from the point of the interruption. Spots interrupted mid-play will be restarted from the point that they left off.

How Do Interrupt Bundles Work on Devices With Multiple Zones?

Each zone will start playing the interrupt content individually. It is not possible to target one zone with the interrupt bundle.

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