Authentication (REST)

Broadsign's REST architecture supports two authentication methods: an HTTP token and certification/public key fingerprint.

We recommend that you use these methods in the following ways:

  • HTTP Token: The HTTP token is easy to generate and use. We recommend that you use it to authenticate calls made to your sandbox domain. See About the Sandbox (REST).
  • Certification/Public Key Fingerprint: Due to its high level of security, we recommend that you use certification to authenticate calls made to your production domain.

Note: The use of each authentication method requires some work in Broadsign Control Administrator. You will need a registered user on an active domain.

Note: Your sandbox and production domains are separate entities. You will need a separate Broadsign Control API user for each domain, each with its own unique ID#. Also, you will need to authenticate calls on each domain separately (that is, separate tokens or public key fingerprints on each).