The generate endpoint is used to generate playlists server-side.

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HTTP Method


Request Body Parameters

Parameter Description Type Required (R) or Optional (O)
player_identifier Unique Broadsign Control Player identifier, expected to represent a unique venue. string R
active_conditions Uses active conditions to generate playlists specific for those conditions. Passes an array of Condition objects. Array of Condition O Name of the condition. If active_conditions is used, this is mandatory. string R
Condition.exclusive If set to "true", after generating the loop, the player will strip out all slots that are without this condition.
  • If a slot has no condition at all, the player interprets as NOT having the exclusive condition. The player then removes it.
  • If multiple conditions are set to exclusive, the player assumes an OR condition. As a result, a player with any of the exclusive conditions applied will remain in the loop.
boolean O
screen_identifier Identifier for one screen within a venue. string O

Time duration, in seconds, covered by the generated Playlist. The default value is 1 hour (3,600 seconds). The maximum supported value is 48 hours (172,800 seconds).

For example, if the duration is 1 hour, the returned Playlist will cover the next hour. The total duration of the returned items may be shorter than the covered time, for example if there are times where nothing is scheduled to play.

See api.proto for definition.

google.protobuf.Duration O

Defines whether the player is online, offline, or mia. The format <year>-<month>-<day>T<hour>:<minute>:<seconds>.<milliseconds>Z is supported. For example: 2021-09-23T20:00:00.000Z. If this parameter is not specified in the request, the player is considered offline.

Note: If the next_expected_poll value is lower than 20 minutes, it is automatically set to 20 minutes.

See api.proto for definition.

google.protobuf.Timestamp O


Refer to Response for complete information about the Broadsign Air Response parameters.