Broadsign Control API

Broadsign Control API

Broadsign Control API allows developers to integrate with Broadsign Server. You can build applications that manage digital signage networks and create dashboards that provide comprehensive reporting data.

We provide access to Broadsign Server via two web services:

  • REST: Our REST architecture uses HTTP verbs, response codes, and authentication. All of our API responses are in JSON. Also, we provide a sandbox (with its own URL) so you can test your integration.

    See Getting Started (REST).

  • SOAP: Our SOAP architecture includes an SDK, available through our Client Portal, that provides tools for developers to interact with Broadsign Server. The SDK maps onto the resources and features of Broadsign Control Administrator. In the docs, we provide details for downloading, installing and configuring the SDK for PHP and Java developers.

    See Getting Started (SOAP).