Getting Started (REST)

You will need a subscription to Broadsign Control Products, with access to Broadsign Control Administrator. Also, you will need a domain and a user on Broadsign Control. Your user requires administrative privileges, along with an authorization token or public key fingerprint.

Broadsign Services can provide you with a sandbox domain for you to test your integration. To get started, we recommend that you explore our REST architecture on our sandbox domain, then move your network to production.

Note: If you are a new user of Broadsign's products, we suggest that you explore Broadsign Control's training videos. Though directed to users of Broadsign Control Administrator and Broadsign Control Player, they will deepen your understanding of the resources available to you via our REST architecture. See Training Videos.

To get started with the Broadsign Control API (REST):

  1. On your sandbox domain, log in to Broadsign Control Administrator.
  2. Generate an authorization token. See Authentication (REST).
  3. Review the basic structure of requests to our REST architecture. See Basic Request Structure.
  4. Using our REST console, explore our methods and endpoints. See REST Method Reference.
  5. To help you integrate during development, consult our use cases or try our "Record Requests to File" feature. See Use Cases (REST) and Recording Requests to File (REST).
  6. When you are ready to move to production, generate your merged key and certificate file. See About Certification & the Public Key Fingerprint.