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The event_mgr_add method creates a new Events with the provided details.


Parameter Description Type Required (R) or Optional (O)
domain_id The unique ID# of your domain. bstypes:ResourceId R
duration_msec The duration in milliseconds of this event. int R
end_date The ending date of this event. bstypes:SimpleDate R
name The name for this event. string R
occurrence A string describing the occurence frequency of this event. string R
start_date The starting date of this event. bstypes:SimpleDate R
start_time The time at which the event starts. bstypes:SimpleTime R
bmb_host_id The #ID of the Broadsign Creator Player assigned to this event. bstypes:ResourceId O
container_id The ID# of the folder where this event is created. bstypes:ResourceId O
default_attributes Lists the attributes of the custom geometry for this event in a comma seperated key-value pairs.
Example: height=10,width=10,unit=1
means that this event will have a custom geometry of 10% in height and 10% in width.
string O
default_fullscreen Determines whether this event has a custom geometry or not. boolean O
note The free text notes for this event. string O

Return Values

Value Description Type Required (R) or Optional (O)
id The ID# of the event that was just created. bstypes:ResourceId R