Events are special campaigns.

You can schedule an event, outside of a regular playback loop, to appear at a predefined time. Events can also repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Example: Imagine that you have a New Year's Eve countdown video. You want it to start just before midnight and conclude a few minutes after midnight. You could schedule the countdown as an event. It will preempt any existing content. When the countdown video interrupts existing content, how the interruption is handled depends on how much of the existing content has already played. If the existing content has played less than 75% of its scheduled duration, the regular loop will restart from the beginning of the interrupted loop slot. However, if the existing content has played more than 75% of its scheduled duration, it will proceed to the next piece of content in the interrupted loop, ensuring a smoother transition.

Note: In synchronized environments, Events must exclusively target the Leader players. Use regular campaigns for Follower players instead.